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Welcome to Trepivale wiki!
The strange town of Trepivale will host many adventures.
Endless Shadow – original
Blood Bond – the sequel
Castle Fall – the prequel
Shadow’s Inception -the squeal’s squeal

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1. All characters must be human, demihuman, or appear as human.
Demihumans are; Dwarves, Half-elves, and half-lings.
If you wish to be a different races your race will be hidden to your fellow players (Ex. an elf hidding his or her ears from the group to aviod being targeted.) clear your choice with GM.

2. your character must be from a real world country. this is only to sever as a conversation starter to earn trust easier from NPCs or to have knowledge of items from that country. (preferably an European country since all NPCs are from Europe.)

3. Your character must have a personal Iteam only they have or know about (Think of the totems from inception) this item will be used through the campaign and will have an enchantment of +2 when it’s in your possession

4. Your character can not have an openly be magic class. In this universe magic is illegal and is considered punishable by death! your character may be able to use magic secretly but if caught in the act will become targeted. Class that are consider magic are; Clerics who don’t worship Christian/Jewish God, Druid, sorcerer, or wizard. All classes are still available but some you would have to lie to your team mates about using. (Ex. you can play as a Druid pretending to be a ranger)

5. At least one player will be asked to play as a traitor. These players will have the task of ruining certain missions for the other players or to keep certain plot points from being discovered all while not getting. not get caught. they will receive bonuses such as gold, in game items, and etc from an NPC who they are employed under. If they are caught they lose their bonuses and the rest of the team will receive bonuses. the traitors then can either fight the rest of the team or ask to join the team and deafest the previous employers. traitors can only be caught if their is proof of betrayal.


1.all npcs come from real Eruopian countries, this only effects there behavior toward each other and the player. Characters of the same country or region will most likely get along, while certain characters will hate each other for their cultural differences.

Main Page

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