Yeeebie Waizer

A Spry young wizard in hiding


Human Wizard- School of Illusion
Wizarding is a family affair, hidden from the general public out of fear that they will be lynched
Totem- Grandpappy’s pocketwatch
Fear (Saving Throws)
– Being discovered
– Bugs
Invitation offered- Information on the person who snitched on Grandpappy and got him lynch mobbed.
Has Grandpappy’s magic book, but is still learning to decipher and utilize the magic spells within

Fake Class: Ranger w/ Crossbow

Parents gone, Grandpappy raised her. Master Alchemist outed Grandpappy as a wizard because they were rivals. My goal in life is to end his. (I can identify M.A. by appearance, he cannot identify me)

Yeeebie Waizer

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