• Dorian


    "You should be afraid because... Everything you just heard in those 3 seconds, wants to kill you. Everything you didn't... Well, it probably wants do much worse."
  • Finks


    I can tell ya wut cha need to kno
  • Inn keep woman

    Inn keep woman

    "Oh, and if you hear anything go bump in the night, I've learned its better to stay in bed, at least then you might go peacefully"
  • Master Alchemist

    Master Alchemist

    "Yes, yes, truly dreadful but in all honesty i couldn't care less."
  • Melvin Burnsong Bard

    Melvin Burnsong Bard

    "If you can't you what you want, well it's all because of me"
  • The Mayor

    The Mayor

    "Please enjoy your... EXTENDED stay. Teehee"
  • Tristan  Knight Errant

    Tristan Knight Errant

    "If we work together we can all get out of here alive.... hopefully"