Welcome to the humble little town of Trepivale;
Great adventurers have been lured here by various invitations, posters, and ads requesting their special…..talents. Mercenaries, hunters, paladins, and more are gathered for what they believe is a mere vampire extermination, but none seem to agree on the promised reward. However, it soon becomes clear that not everything is what it seems. Things turn for the worse when the ever so mysterious Mayor reveals what games he has in store for you.

Are you ever safe? Can you trust your fellow Adventurers? Who will leave the town of Trepivale alive? Find out in Trepivale: The Endless Shadow!!!

Special rules:
1. It is the 18th century, your character is allowed to have historically accurate gear (black powder weapons and such, subject to DM approval);
2. Only human or demihuman races are allowed within human borders unless your character would be able to hide their true form from a crowd of people. If you are exposed, NPCs (and some PCs) will be likely to attack you;
3. Your character may have a curse of some kind, (lycanthropy, vampires, witches, etc.) as long as you clear your choice with the DM. Note you won’t be allowed to tell other characters lest become a target;
4. There will be a moon cycle which affects the game (curse effects and monster appearances).
5. Speaking to certain NPCs will unlock both in-game necessities and website bonus information, but be careful, failed interactions will have certain… consequences
6. There are hidden bosses and treasure that don’t directly affect the story but can help you, in-depth exploration is necessary and encouraged!
7. As opposed to a grand quest based story, the play revolves around a daily challenge and character-chosen activities which take up time each day. Remember, there are only so many hours in a day.
8. Outside play takes on a big role in the story, you may be challenged to an arm wrestle or participate in a game of cards to win some quick gold! In certain cases, skills or feats to change the outcome in a game (Ex: using the sleight of hand to cheat in poker.)

Trepivale: The Endless Shadow

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